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Hands On with Huawei IDEOS U8150

The Android powered device manufactured by Huawei was introduced in the Kenyan market by the telecommunications giant Safaricom in the second week of January. The model U8150 literally flew off the shelves with lots of kenyans buying the affordable smart phone from Safaricom outlets. It must be the worlds cheapest smart phone I know of. I stand corrected. I got one for myself, not out of necessity but to sample the device.

After parting with $106.25, I finally got one with a blue back cover. They come in 3 different colors: yellow (I think its soo conspicous), pink and blue. I guess i got those colors right… if you could allow me to use #FFFFOO , #FFCOCB and #OOOOFF (yeah right!). I said that because I haven’t seen the black one yet… The smartphone is powered by a pre-installed Android OS version 2.2 commonly known as ‘Froyo’. I got ksh 1,000 ($12.5) Safaricom airtime and 600MB of data on top.


@Techmtaa said something about this device

FYI: The name “IDEOS” embodies creativity and inspiration: the “ID” represents the industrial design-centric hardware platform, the “OS” represents the operating system as the core software platform, and the “E” symbolizes the evolution to mobile Internet.


  • The phone which weighs around 102g has a TFT capacitive touchscreen, 256K colors, 240 X 32o pixels and an unbelievable 2.8 inches in size. That comes with an accelerometer sensor for auto-rotate and proximity sensors.
  • A processor of 528 MHz ARM 11, 200 MB internal memory,256 MB RAM, 512 MB ROM and a 1GB memory card included. (microSD memory is expandable up to 32GB)
  • It supports 3G, GPRS and EDGE, has Bluetooth and MicroUSB v2.0
  • It supports WCDMA and W-IFI dual network. Yes, you can surf on the nearest wireless network around you!
  • A 3.2 Megapixel camera and video capability. You can geo-tag your photos once you take them and automatically share them across various social networks.
  • Comes with pre-installed apps like messaging, Documents To Go which allows you to view Microsoft WORD, EXCEL and ADOBE PDF files and attachments on your email, Email Configuration (an easy step by step way of configuring your emails), Navigation which gets your exact location and aids in GPS Navigation, contacts and SIM toolkit, Youtube, Places, Twitter for Android and GoChat for chatting with your online FB friends and Facebook.
  • FM Radio which is a feature that most smartphones don’t have. 3.5″ jack and speakerphone
  • Android Market where I have downloaded loads of Apps from including Twidroyd, Plume, Foursquare, Gtalk, Androidify, ASTRO file manager, Bible, Lookout Mobile Security, Opera Mini, PhotoShop, Maps, Premier League, Speedtest, Tweetdeck, Superuser and many more. You are asking how I have downloaded all those and the phone runs normally.. Yes it does, I rooted my phone arlier on. (I will talk about the advantages of doing this and a step-by-step process of how to do it in my next post)
  • I can run most of NEXUS ONE‘s live wallpapers 🙂 and customize my menus(after rooting)
  • I can use the phone to test the android applications I am building instead of just using the phone emulators. (Application Development)
  • Of course you can save most of downloaded apps to the SD Card hence reducing the phones memory being consumed. After rooting you can move all applications to the memory card. However, some will not work well from the card.
  • The phone can be fully customized to your liking. You dont have to have applications you are not using on your phones. Choose your liking and voila! With more than 70,000 applications available in the Android Market, IDEOS provides a wide range of communication, entertainment, office, and financial management applications.
  • The Ideos has downlink speeds of up to 7.2 Mbps and can be tethered via USB. It can also act as a portable WI-FI hotspot for up to 8 devices!! (Share your phone’s mobile data connection)
  • Swype Input and different language and Keyboard options
  • The phone can be used with other SIM cards not only Safaricom
  • I can sync all my data, contacts and photos with all my other smart phones automatically. This includes the back ups as well. A new contact on the phone will automatically appear on the other phones and vice-versa (subject to connectivity)


  • Battery Life… but with all those applications running you can be sure most phones would not have long battery life as well.  Applications like JuiceDefender improve your battery life steeply but shutting down the services or apps that you are not using at a certain time. You can help it too by switching off your 3G network if you are not browsing.
  • Auto-correct when typing (I know I can turn it off) but at times it such a pain in the toe… Think of something thinking for you…
  • Data-drainer. If you dont turn off most of the apps you will not only suffer from battery drainages but also your airtime/data bundles. My advise: Don’t turn them off. Enjoy the services you are paying for 😛
  • Lack of a secondary camera and a LED flashlight
  • I simply cant get a way of getting my favorite game Angry Birds to work well on the device. It takes very long to load and rarely it does. **UPDATE- I just downloaded a new version of AB from the Android market and it runs very well on the device**
  • I havent yet found an app (music player) that can play WMA songs. Show some love- share your app

The IDEOS is worth that price its going for. You have my word on that. I, approve this


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